Thank you

I am so grateful for your order. If you have not yet scheduled your appointment time, please visit my scheduling site by clicking here.

Please be aware of the following, so our session can go smoothly.

  1. Be sure you have scheduled and paid for your session. If either is not complete at our appointment time, your session will be canceled.
  2. Please text me a selfie. I will use this picture during our session, and it should be a current photo. Text to 623-252-4428. I value your privacy, and your photo will be deleted and destroyed once our session is complete.
  3. If this is your first time, I will contact you about 10 minutes prior to our scheduled time. Unless you have otherwise indicated, I will call you on the phone. I am also available by Skype if you prefer, and you should email me no later than the day before our appointment to let me know that is your desire.
  4. There is some preparation necessary on my part immediately prior to our session. I will text you when I am ready to begin, and again when our session is complete. Be aware, your full energy healing will take 30 minutes.
  5. After your session, you are welcome to provide feedback or ask questions via email.