Breathe in…breathe out…start over

I have been licensed as an Esthetician since 2006 and a Reiki Master Practitioner since 2012. Learning Reiki was the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Seriously. It gave me power over my own stress, health, spiritual and physical state. Additionally, it gave me access to a healing energy source so I can help others gain power over all those things. As soon as I was attuned to the master symbol, I couldn’t wait to utilize it in my skin care business. I think I might have done just as many Reiki sessions as I did facials, which was fine by me. As much as I love giving facials, the Reiki was always so much more rewarding, so necessary for my soul.

About a year before I moved to Arizona, I slowly slipped away from my esthetics and Reiki business. I had gone back to work with animals in a veterinary dermatology practice (not a huge leap) and was able to use Reiki on a few animals through that practice. That was a real wow experience for me. Animals can’t fake it. There’s no placebo in animals. Yet, they were transformed. Even though I already believed whole-heartedly in the power and benefits of Reiki, it blew me away.

In the chaos of moving from Oregon to Arizona, and because of all the time needed to really settle into a new home, I lost my motivation to pursue offering Reiki healings. I helped out at a fundraiser once, and offered complimentary Reiki, but that was about it. I just got out of the habit. But the great thing about Reiki is, once you’re attuned, you’re always open.

After 2 years, I recently went in for acupuncture from my favorite community acupuncture place. (Phoenix Community Acupuncture) She asked me if anyone had called me for Reiki, and told me she’s out of my business cards. I had completely forgotten about leaving cards – and the possibility of someone actually calling me! She told me to make sure she has plenty of cards on hand. As I drifted off into acu-land, I started thinking…why don’t I do Reiki? Oh yeah, it’s the website maintenance and the space rent and the printing costs and the brochure design and don’t forget to order more business cards – then drive them around to different places and hope you’re not throwing that money away. Then maybe, just maybe, someone will call.

Technology has come so far, even since I started my business a few years ago. Nobody needs a website anymore. You can reach so many more people so much faster through Facebook than a website that’s just sitting out there, waiting for people to find it. Nowadays, it doesn’t have to take so much time to create your presence. It can be quick and be part of your day, all day. So I don’t have to become consumed with all those little business-y details – I can focus my energy on the healing.

So today I breathe in…I breathe out…and I’m starting over. Simply. My focus is on healing and nurturing. I don’t want to get caught up in the trap of exhausting my resources planning for the work. I will just do the work, and allow it to find me.

I have a deep gratitude for everyone who is sharing my journey, either through the internet or in person. Through my life, I have met so many amazing, beautiful people and they are precious gems to me, more valuable than anything. Close by and even far away, I feel their love and support and my heart runneth over.

To a new day, and a new start!

With much love, light and gratitude,



About jencares

I was called to Reiki in 2012. Since I was first attuned, I have sought out ways to share Reiki with as many people as I can. While Reiki is a fabulous practice for men and women of all ages, I am particularly interested in helping women in their 30s and 40s utilize Reiki to solidify their sense of self and reach their goals and dreams.
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